Company Culture
Cadeer has been implementing the new idea of "product diversification, market diversification, transformation and upgrading to promote development";
the company upholds the concept of "importing scientific management means, importing high-quality products" to enable enterprises to develop in the high-tech field.
Quality policy: Technological innovation, honest service, customer satisfaction; prevention-oriented, environmental protection, energy saving; safety first, health protection, risk reduction; full participation, compliance, continuous improvement
Committed to becoming a leader and leader in the domestic environmental electrical industry.
1. Sales and market share are among the top three in the domestic small two-home appliance industry;
2. Building the first brand of small household appliances in China for two seasons, international famous brand;
3. Standardized process and governance structure, refined management, product leadership, and efficiency drive.

Continuously create value for people, customers, shareholders, society and other stakeholders
1. Export a quality life experience for the public;
2. Create high-quality business value for customers;
3. Create high-quality profit space for shareholders;
4. Provide high-quality jobs for the society.

Customer demand orientation, integrity and pragmatism, technology, innovation, open and win-win.
1. Customer demand: Guide the product development based on the actual needs of customers.
2, integrity and pragmatic: in good faith and pragmatic as the basic principle of daily work.
3. Technological innovation: Taking technological innovation as the source of power for enterprise development.
4. Open and win-win: Open and win-win is the basic principle of business cooperation.
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